“On the spiritual path, the first step is selfless service. Through selfless service, one can realise the Divinity that is all this creation.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba, November 20, 1970

Please check the Calendar of Activities for the schedule of the service activities.

Here’s a list of regular service activities that are currently offered by the Center. 

  • Bagel Rescue: Every Saturday afternoon at 2 PM, we assist with picking up excess bagels from two local bakeries and dropping them off at a food pantry that offers them to underserved families in Forsyth County.
  • Home of Hope Dinner: One Sunday a month, we provide dinner at “Home of Hope”, a residential care facility for homeless children and mothers in Gwinnett County. 
  • Adopt-A-Road: One Saturday a month, we participate in a litter prevention service alternating between Fulton and Forsyth counties through the Adopt-A-Road program. 
  • Daydream Rescue Sanctuary: Every weekend, volunteers ages 12 and above can sign up to assist with barn chores at Daydream Rescue Sanctuary in Gainesville, GA.

For more details on a seva project that interests you and your family, please email the Service Coordinator at